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Blast Softball

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Blast Softball

Train smarter and get better with The Official Bat Sensor Technology of National Pro Fastpitch®.** Simply attach the Blast Softball sensor (separate purchase required - available from to any standard bat and your iPad or iPhone will do the rest. Record video of your swings in the Blast Softball app* and the patented Smart Video Capture ™ technology will automatically identify your swings and clip your video to create a series of video highlights, overlaid with your metrics (swing speed, time to contact, bat path angle, power, efficiency, and more). Replay and share your video and metric highlights to social media with one touch. With the 3D Swing Tracer, you can replay and analyze your swing path and swing metrics instantly. Live mode provides real-time feedback, allowing you to visualize your swing, make adjustments, and see the results. Compare your swing videos side-by-side or send them to a coach for further analysis. Streamline and simplify coaching feedback with advanced video analysis and voice-over recording tools for Smart Video Capture clips with Blast metrics or capture and markup free-form video. Players and coaches with a Blast Connect account can train using the apps advanced Plane, Connection, and Rotation swing quality assessment to automatically identify areas that need work and provide drills for improvement, allowing players to build a more dynamic, well-connected, and powerful swing.

The Blast Softball sensor is a highly accurate, advanced 3D motion capture system that uses Bluetooth® Smart technology to connect to your iPhone or iPad. There’s no need to alter your natural swing and there are no power buttons or controls to get in your way. The Blast softball sensor knows when to dynamically power-up the patented motion detection algorithms to capture your metrics in real-time. It even stores data on the sensor when your mobile device is out of range and downloads your actions to the Blast app as soon as you reconnect.

With the Blast Softball app* coaches, parents, and players of all ages can gain the insights they need to improve their performance and gain the competitive edge.

* The Blast Softball app requires the Blast Softball sensor and the Blast bat attachment to collect data. The app currently supports English language and Imperial measurements.
** National Pro Fastpitch trademarks and copyrights are used with permission of National Pro Fastpitch. All rights reserved.
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