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Blackjack Complete Strategy

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Blackjack Complete Strategy

Blackjack Complete Strategy with Apple Watch Support combines the basic strategy with all the options you'll need to make sure you're playing the optimum Casino game. Master the odds and win.

Know what to do with any hand in two taps. Select the hand you've been dealt and the best strategy is immediately available.

Keep track of your win/lose ratio so you can see how playing the flawless strategy helps you win more money in the casino.

When you think you've mastered the hands, test your strategy against the dealer and see if you play the Optimum Hand. Are you playing correctly 100% of the time. We bet you're not!

Easy to see strategy with text and color combinations:
Red = HIT
Green = STAND
Purple = DOUBLE
Blue = SPLIT

On the Apple Watch you can input your cards and get instant strategy options. You can also hard press to change to test mode and be dealt random cards. Hard press again to guess the strategy. Keep track of your correct and wrong guesses and improve your strategy.
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