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bizzerd digital business card

by bizzerd
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bizzerd digital business card

by bizzerd
bizzerd is the first, paperless business card in your corporate identity. Easy to use, with and without the app. When using the bizzerd app, you’ve always got your own business cards within reach and those of every colleague and business partner.

Someone gave you a paper business card? Scan their card to add it to your library and send your digital business card in return via e-mail, all in just one click.

Use the bizzerd app to share your digital business card with everyone during meetings, at trade fairs and at conferences.

The recipient does not have to have the bizzerd app installed. Everyone can receive and save your bizzerd on their mobile devices, laptop or desktop.

Why bizzerd?
- Sharing: 1 on 1. Or share with the whole group in one go.
- Library: all the digital business cards you’ve received always within reach, updating automatically.
- Scan paper business cards and send your digital card in return without hassle.
- Paperless: reduce your ecological footprint.