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- Do you want to be in control of how much you eat without counting calories?
Count your bites and register your daily physical activities with us to see results while feeling in total control of your diet!
- Bite’it – by AP Solution is a new concept that offers you an exciting way to understand and control your daily food consumption while also taking your physical activities into consideration.
- From day one, you will learn that the most important thing in your food intake is not just to maintain a balanced diet, but how much food you actually consume each day.
- This tool will encourage you to exercise in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and as a result, you will become more health conscious without the complexities of various diets and exercise regimes.
- Try the application, and see how easy it is to understand, control and monitor your eating and exercise, all from the touch of a button. By making relatively small changes in the volume of food consumed and the amount of exercise performed, you will notice the impact it has on maintaining, losing or gaining body weight, all with goal to improve your underlining fitness level.

- This tool will give you the power to stay in control.

- Please also refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use This information is also accessible from the application after downloading under the “About Us” menu option by selecting the appropriate information “Privacy policy” and/or “Terms of use”
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