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Bitcoin Price Watch

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Bitcoin Price Watch

Easily stay updated with Bitcoin price on wearable smart watch. This app helps you stay ahead as a power investor by not only giving you bitcoin price on your iPhone app, but also provide real-time bitcoin price information on wearable Smart Watch. Compatible with your watch.

This app design follows simplicity design guidelines and provides best in class experience, compliments beautiful smart products and provides Cryptocurrency price information.

In iPhone app, you get to see:
- Bitcoin latest real-time price
- Select-able currency
- Real-time bitcoin price information of selected currency
- Native scroll selection for IOS
- About page for other related app links
- Privacy policy

In complementary Watch OS app:
- App has bitcoin price ticker
- Reload button to fetch latest bitcoin price
- Complication
- Ultarian large complication
- Complication shows real time bitcoin price

Note that watch ecosystem has various smart implementations where it restricts continuous/regular Bitcoin price update in complication, sometimes, you may have to open complication to fetch most recent price, other times, you will have update triggered automatically when watch has update quota left. This all is taken care by ecosystem to protect watch battery life. Contact developer to know more about it.

Bitcoin real time price is easily visible on watch face which shows price in default USD fiat currency as of now(in version 1.5).

Other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash real-time will also be supported soon. Kindly contact developer for custom requirements or addition of specific cryptocurrency prices. Btc price is taken from site which holds real-time data from various exchanges. It is average price of bitcoin in global markets.
rohit aneja