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BIOS Health

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BIOS Health

BIOS Health: Tracker - App overview

The app passively measures several health metrics for the person including heart rate, activity levels and estimates the overall fitness of the person. New features are being added constantly to give the person and the healthcare team a better view of the person's health.

When a user joins a study and signs up on the Clinical Studies app, their Apple Watch app is linked to the specific id they have on their phone app. BIOS currently provides all participants with the watch for the study. The BIOS Health: Tracker can be turned on by the user and it then operates in the background until the user no longer wants to be recording their health metrics and activity. The application records heart data like the heart rate and mobility data like the accelerometer (IMU) and GPS. The GPS recording is designed to be in very limited use and is only used when the user goes on a walk that they signify on the app and we also only record the differences in the GPS signal as we only want to record the movement activity rather than the locations themselves. This means that BIOS never records the user's location even when it uses the GPS for tracking movement.

Key information:
- Safe & secure storage of user's data.
- Used for recording passively a user's health and activity metrics and analytically deriving relevant fitness assessments like the 6MWT.
- User can turn off the health tracking whenever they want.
- Built to link with the BIOS Health: Clinical Studies app such that they can together be used in clinical studies.

- The current version of the app enables participation in clinical studies. The data is provided to the user's healthcare team for research purposes.
- In future versions we will build access for the patient to be able to see their own health data in a companion phone app. This will likely be done in conjunction with changes in the phone app BIOS Health: Clinical Studies.
- New features will be incorporated to the app as capability comes available in new releases of Apple Watches and watchOS. Also when new algorithmic developments are done internally for better health estimates for the user.