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Biorhythms 4U

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Biorhythms 4U

New look at biorhythms
• All biorhythms for one selected person on one screen in the main app.
• Selected biorhythm for all/selected people on one screen.
• Portrait or landscape view for your comfortability.
• Simple to use (intuitive user interface).
• Fully customizable (including the ability to define your own biorhythms).
• Support for Apple Watch.
• Support for Dark Mode.
• Widget "Biorhythm Overall" in the Notifications Center.

Check biorhythms for you and your loved ones.
Find out, what will look like your relationship with them now and in the near future.

Biorhythms gives you:
• Opportunity to learn yours and people around you physical and intellectual abilities at any given time.
• Additional information about people close to you, you will learn to better understand them.
• Determine compatibility between you and well known celebrities.

Apple Watch main features:
• quick check today's biorhythms for the person selected from the list of favourites
• use Force Touch menu for change person
• the most important information displayed by means of complications

Widget "Biorhythm Overall" in the Notifications Center main features:
• quickly check today's overall biorhythm for the same people as in the portrait view of the Biorhythm 4U app,
• open the Biorhythm 4U app directly from the Notification Center by tap the selected person

App Biorhythm 4U main features:
• portrait and landscape view;
• two modes biorhythms presentation;
• current trends and ratings;
• partnership compatibility with trends and ratings;
• compatibility list for persons;
• simple usage;
• info panels describing the basic gestures;
• copy information about people (name, surname and date of birth) from the phone's contacts;
• synchronization and backup of the persons list through the iCloud;
• 3D Touch quick actions for iPhone 6s/6s+ and other supported device;
• persons list with peek & pop gesture and preview action menu for iPhone 6s/6s+ and other supported device;
• fully customizable (biorhythms, colors, ranges, sorting, filters, etc);
• export to iMessage, e-mail, Facebook, Twiter and other.
Jacek Karaskiewicz