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BioMate gives you access to a number of scientifically proven biorhythm cycles that can help you take advantage of your auspicious days for a variety of different situations.

On the iPhone it's a great tool to quickly monitor your unique life cycles for any date you want. On Apple Watch you can customize watch faces with over 60 BioMate complications consisting of colorful text, gauges, and graphs.

- - -

Quickly get your daily biorhythms on your watch face.

Get the details of 12 distinct life cycles for you and your mate.

Know your critical days to exercise restraint and be cautious.

Find the best days to make decisions, study something new, or to use your intuition.

Check compatibility cycles with another person.

Plan your days where cycles are at their highest in order to provide the best opportunities.

Monitor cycles daily to help you develop physical and mental endurance.

- - -

BioMate facilitates daily cycle monitoring. This makes you more aware of your body’s needs and can help you develop physical and mental endurance.

If you want to take control of your life and maximize your potential by working with your internal clock, use BioMate. It's an indispensable tool to give you a competitive edge in your (and your mate’s) day-to-day activities.
Blaine Leckett