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Bin Day Alert

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Bin Day Alert

Never forget when to put your bins out for collection. Is this week recycling or is that next week? Configure your different bin schedules in the app and then forget about it! Alerts will notify you when it is time to put out each type. Or use the Apple Watch App or Today Widget to quickly see your next collection.

The app supports a wide range of collection schedules, making it suitable for use at home or business premises: a specific day each week; multiple days each week; a specific day every 2, 3, 4 or 5 weeks; or a specific day on one or more weeks of the month.

Each schedule can have up to two alerts. Each can either be for the day before or the day of the bin collection. Snooze an alert notification by 15 minutes if you're busy right now, or by 1 day/week if a public holiday has temporarily changed the bin schedule.

Going on holiday? There's a single setting to quickly disable all alerts.
Geoff Hackworth