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BILnet: simple, fast, and easy to use. You can perform all of your essential transactions on your mobile!

Manage, group, and rename your accounts independently

- View your account and credit card balances and transactions in real time
- Log in as the account holder or an agent
- When you log in to BILnet as an agent, your accounts are now grouped. Tip: to make organising your accounts easier, feel free to rename your accounts and/or change the order in which they are displayed.

Free instant payments, made in a few seconds and in just a few clicks!

- Your eligible SEPA (single euro payment area) payments are now made instantly, within a few seconds, 24/7, and for free! *
- If your instant payment cannot be made, for example if the receiving bank does not accept instant payments, then your payment will be treated as a standard transfer under the relevant time frame.

The interface for your transfers and standing orders has been tweaked

- Extra fields are now provided when entering details about the beneficiaries of your transfers. From your computer you can set up a standing order directly from the transfer entry screen. Just tick the “Make this a standing order” box. Tip: to avoid making a mistake when you enter your new beneficiary’s IBAN, you can copy/paste it straight into the appropriate field.

Better loan management

- Your mortgages and your personal, student and investment loans appear in the dedicated “Loan” section of BILnet. These loans now take the form of a contract rather than an account on which movements are recorded.
- You can now find additional information about your loans in BILnet, including:

o type of loan
o amount borrowed/used
o current interest rate
o next due dates
o capital outstanding

Find all your electronic documents easily

- Download your banking documents in PDF format
- Take advantage of the free and environmentally friendly paper-free option so that you no longer receive your documents by post
- Sign your documents electronically
- All electronic documents are now sorted by date

Contact us whenever you need to

- Communicate with the bank using secure messaging and share any attachments required

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The app is available in four languages (FR, DE, EN, PT).

*For more information about our tariffs, visit
Banque Internationale a Luxembourg