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Big Gag

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Big Gag

The Big Gag Generator is a live perverb generator. An anti-proverb or a perverb is the transformation of a standard proverb for humorous effect. Share with your friends and enjoy the unlimited number of humorous sentences generated from randomly connected parts of about 1000 famous proverbs and quotes - the wisdom of people. The Big Gag Generator gives you the opportunity to see both proverbs which are used to generate the result (the perverb).


• Fast produce funny perverbs ( jokes )
• Easy to use interface : simply tap or swipe ( to left, right, up or down )
• Speech sentences : simply tap to hear the sentences spoken with a pleasant voice
• Thought of the day : daily push notification at the time you've set.
• Share on Facebook, Twitter and via Email
• Easy Purchase premium via In-App Purchase
• Change the font of the text

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Ivelin Nikolov