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Bicycle and bike parking spot information sharing MAP

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Bicycle and bike parking spot information sharing MAP

Haven’t you had a situation where you didn’t know where to park your important bicycle or bike when you are out?
You just parked your bike somewhere that you spotted and but it was gone when you came back?!
There must be quite a few people that have had these experiences, right?

In order to not get involved in that kind of horrible experience, all you have to do is to check out where you can park your bicycle or bike before you get there.
Alright then,

This app is going to secure your bicycle and bike and ensure you know where to park them.

◎ The concept is to share information between users.
Register and share information about wherever you know.

[Bicycle and bike parking MAP search and bicycle pin function]
◎ It can check for bicycle parking spots that you are going to use and find a route on the MAP by using the GPS locater of Google Map.

◎ Tap on the “bicycle pin” on the MAP to check the current condition of the parking on the MAP.

**Do not create a new “bicycle pin” mischievously, it’s disturbing the public peace.**

◎ Tap on the “magnifier mark” to check more information about bicycle parking you want to know of.

◎ If the existing information of the “bicycle pin” on the MAP is old, then tap on the old “bicycle pin” to upgrade it to the latest.

◎ Commenting and camera functions are installed, so you can make comments and reviews, upload photos of the bicycle parking to tell and report to other users of this app.

Please don’t hesitate to create new information by creating new “bicycle pins” on the MAP to share information.