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Experience the teachings of the Bible in a revolutionary way with Bible X - one of the most advanced Bible apps.

Dive deep into the heart of the Scriptures with Bible X. It's more than just an app; it's your personal gateway to the teachings of Jesus and the wisdom of the Bible. By merging contemporary technology with age-old wisdom, we've made the Word of God come alive, right in the palm of your hand.

Versatile Multi-Language and Version Support

Discover the Scriptures offline in 13 unique languages and 20 renowned versions, including the sought-after New King James and Basic English. Regardless of your location or language, Jesus's teachings are always within your grasp.

Innovative Reading and Social Features

Tap and hold any verse to discover a world of possibilities. Opt for "Read from here", and your device becomes your own Scripture narrator, vocalizing the verses for you. Save your cherished verses to iCloud, or spread the Word of God by sharing them with loved ones.

Tailored Reading Experience

Customize your Scripture journey to your liking. Tweak the background and text hues for the best contrast, or adjust the font size and screen luminance to fit your reading ambiance.

Prioritizing Accessibility

At Bible X, inclusivity is paramount. Our app is finely tuned for VoiceOver, ensuring a fluid Bible study journey for users with visual impairments.

Apple Watch Integration: Navigate the entire Bible offline, set bookmarks, enjoy read-aloud features, and search for verses, all from your wrist.

Stay Inspired Daily: With our widget, receive the Verse of the Day right on your home screen.
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