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Bible Every Time™

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Bible Every Time™

"Bible Every Time" is an iOS app that help one keep the Scriptures in mind throughout the day. When it's 3:16, you'll see the start of John 3:16 on your watch. Tap the start of the verse to read the rest of it. This app is ideal for those needing a bit of help getting to the Bible each day, and remembering it throughout the day. The verses are quoted from the English Standard Version (ESV).

How to install: Go to the App Store. Download this app. Run the app.
On your Apple Watch, select a watch face, such as Infograph, Modular, or Infograph Modular. Tap to edit your choice for the Middle or Sub-dial Top section of the watch face. Select: Bible Every Time.
On your iPhone and iPad, swipe right over the Home screen or Lock screen to open Today View. Scroll to the bottom and tap Edit. Scroll down to find the Bible Every Time widget and tap the green + button. Tap Done.

Invented by John Ellis. Mr. Ellis saw and worked out a rather intriguing connection between chapter:verse and hour:minute.

Bible Every Time is a trademark of is a US charitable organization. Its mission is helping ministers make known Christ. In support of its mission, the organization develops apps to help readers read what is written in the Scriptures. Peter Coad leads this work.
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