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Equipped with brain activity analysis and biofeedback technology, the app allows you to gain insight in to your mind and helps you to manage your anxiety, reduce stress and improve overall quality of life.

The algorithms are based on scientific researches and careful examination of experienced meditators' day-to-day experience. We derived 3 key performance indicators which can be used to evaluate the state of meditation, namely Calmness, Awareness and Mindfulness.

this app integrates with the Health appSimply put, calmness level increases when you have a good control of your mind to reduce mind wandering and as a result you experience peace and harmony within you. On the other hand, awareness level increases when you constantly engage yourself in the object of meditation (such as your mind and body) your mind becomes sharper and more sensitive. Last but not least, by sustaining both calmness and awareness, you maintain a great inner balance and equanimity, your mindfulness automatically improves.

The Apple Watch app integrates with the Health app by retrieving the heart rate data to display on the brainwave analysis report.
Kuang Chih Hsiao