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What if your partner knew how you felt - as soon as you felt it? Take your romantic relationship, friendship, or platonic relationship to the next level with BFF.

By utilizing biosignal sensors, which uses Apple HealthKit technology built into your Apple Watch to sense your heart rate, BFF is able to instantly communicate your feelings to the partner you’re linked with. There’s no texting, calling, or messaging involved. All you need to do is tap and you’ll instantly be in touch, literally.

Stay in tune with your loved one’s, feelings, and activities on your wrist. Feel & see what your partner is feeling.


The key to any successful relationship is showing the other person you care. With BFF, doing so has never been easier.

When you partner with your significant other, best friend, sibling, mom, or your crush, you’ll be able to easily & powerfully let them know how you’re feeling by sending “Feelings.”
Whether you’re happy, sleepy, excited, sad, etc. your partner will know!


BFF integrates with the Apple Health app and utilizes biosignals to understand how you & your partner are feeling by analyzing your heart rate (no health data will leave your device). It’ll know when you’re feeling excited from a surprise, motivated from the gym, upset from work, and more. Once it senses a certain emotion, you’ll have the ability to send your partner that emotion by tapping on your Apple Watch.


There’s no better feeling than being close to a person you love. Experience what it’s like to have that special someone “on your wrist” today.
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