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Betting Calculator

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Betting Calculator

Betting Calculator is a fast and accurate bet settler for the iPhone and the Apple Watch. Whether you're using your iPhone or your Apple Watch no other bet settler will show you your winnings as quick as this.

The key to Betting Calculator is that it settles bets in batches. So, if you have 4 selections, it will automatically show you the results for the Accumulator, Lucky 15, and Yankee, as well as the returns for Singles, Doubles, Trebles and Trebles & Up. On most betting calculators you have to go back and forth settling each bet individually - that's what makes Betting Calculator so fast.

Betting Calculator can handle a whole host of multiple bets with up to 8 selections (6 on the Apple Watch). To name just a few, it can settle Accumulators (Parlays), Yankees, Lucky 31s and Lucky 63s. It can handle Fractional, Decimal and Moneyline odds. It will also settles Each Way bets.

Wherever you are - at the race track or in the bookies - you can now settle all types of bets straight away on your iPhone or Apple Watch. Betting Calculator is fully functional on the Apple Watch, so you can use it even if the watch is in Airplane mode or disconnected from the iPhone.

Betting Calculator for the Apple Watch offers the following functionality:
- Settle bets for between 1 to 8 selections (6 on the Apple Watch).
- All types of bets for the chosen selection are settled automatically. For example, if you have 4 selections then the following bets will be settled: Accumulator (Parlay), Yankee, Lucky 15, Singles, Doubles, Trebles, Trebles & up.
- Moneyline, Fractional and Decimal Odds.
- Each Way Betting.
- Rule 4 deductions (iPhone only)
- All the popular Bookie Bets settled (Trixies, Yankees, Lucky 15s, etc.).
- A detailed Results page.

The iPhone app also offers:
- A detailed Glossary of Betting Terms.
- A detailed Help section.
- The option to email Moonswing

We will continue to add new functionality in the future.