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Better Weather Australia

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Better Weather Australia

Better Weather Australia is the number one choice for a clean, easy to use Australian Weather app. Sick of your "free" weather app throwing ads at you every time you want to check the weather? Or spending minutes just trying to find tomorrow's forecast in a cluttered mess of an app?

Better Weather Australia provides a clean and easy to use experience, to get all the info you need, and none of the fluff that makes other weather apps so hard to use.

All data is sourced from the fantastic Willy Weather, which is backed by data from the Bureau of Meteorology.

Key features include:
* 7 day forecast from the BOM, including wind and rainfall amounts
* Local weather radar
* Scrollable graph of rainfall probability and temperature predictions
* Capital city weather and forecasts
* Daily temperature extremes
* Weather warnings
* Home Screen widgets on iOS 14
* Companion watchOS app with all of the best parts of the iOS app
* A wide range of watchOS complications, to see the weather at a glance
* iPhone and iPad support

For less than half the cost of a coffee per month (or a discounted yearly subscription), premium users will also have access to the following features:

* Ability to choose more than one favourite location, including display of weather at your current GPS location
* Additional "Sky" and "Dynamic Sky" themes, with real weather effects
* Daily push notifications with a summary of the weather forecast
* Sunrise/sunset times
* Current humidity and pressure
* Ability to customise your weather view, with custom ordering of weather cards and current condition tiles
* Extended radar loop imagery (limited to 5 most recent images in free version)
* Full 7 day temperature and rainfall graph (limited to 3 days in free version)
* Additional customisation of rainfall, temperature and wind units
* And more!

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Weather data provided by Willy Weather (

Some data on this app is sourced from the Bureau of Meteorology (

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