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Better Sleep

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Better Sleep

Better Sleep - Focus on Breathing, Relax, Sleep well
Better Sleep was created with a mission to bring a balanced life to people, especially those who work too hard, lose focus, reduce stress and lose sleep. Better Sleep is a wonderful mindfulness app for the beginner.
With over 100 different sounds, the sound of rain, thunder, wind, piano, fire crackle and so on - all in one application. In addition, you can mix melodies together, creating a unique melody just for yourself.

Who should use Better Sleep?
- People who suffer from insomnia
- People who are overworked and have trouble focusing
- People who do creative work constantly
- Freelancer with high pressure and overloaded
- People who wish to have a better life through Meditation
- People who want to breathe the right way to have more energy and relax.

Features and benefits
- With over 100 different sounds, you can absolutely find the melody that makes you feel relaxed, reduce stress and fall asleep easily.
o Zen
o Birds
o Urban
o Thunder
o Wind
o White noise
o Under
o Chimes
o Vacuum
o Storm
o Rain on
o Orchestral
o Fire crackle
o Immersed
o And much much more.
- Be your own DJ, why not? With Better Sleep, you can completely mix the available sounds to become a special melody for yourself. Choose and adjust the volume for a particular melody to create perfect melodies for you. And it is possible to save it to the collection.
- With the featured Relax Collection, each relaxing music is composed and selected carefully. Immersed in these collections, you will certainly feel like you are sinking into another space - the space of gentle, deep melodies, that makes you want to sink into sleep. Relaxation and mindfulness will go through these melodies and will definitely make you have a great sleep and healthy.
- There are so many theme songs that you can filter from the animal, the weather to nature, the city, etc. Besides, you also can set a suitable time to turn off your melody without wake up with Timer function.
- Breathe a right way today with Breath function. Deep and right breathing not only helps you feel more comfortable, calm, relax and if you maintain it for a long time you will have much more energetic. Your focus ability would be improved. Breathing also helps you fall asleep quickly, avoiding insomnia. Moreover, breathe the right way, you can control your feelings, your mind in front of any situation like nervous before the meeting, presentation, interview or even for a date. Take a deep and right breath, everything will be fine.
- Are you too busy to participate in a meditation training course? Let Better Sleep supports you. With a thorough investment in content, the Meditation function at Better Sleep will help you with short exercises - suitable to time needs but still ensure quality. Every day you meditate a little, you will feel the difference in metabolism in your body. Stress reduction, enhance energy and prevent long-term insomnia.

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Thank you for using Better Sleep. We’re very happy when being in your life every day
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