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BestShot Smart Tennis

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BestShot Smart Tennis

BestShot helps you become a better tennis player!

BestShot is a software application for players and coaches interested to improve their game by using data from practice sessions and matches.

BestShot uses the Apple Watch hardware sensors and proprietary software algorithms to accurately track and recognise your shots/strokes. The recorded data is compiled to create relevant suggestions for improving your tennis game. The BestShot software applies models and patterns that provide real time and post game coaching analytics and insights.

BestShot gives you the ability to manually input your score, on a point by point basis. Another available option is to let BestShot determine the final score of your match, pending session completion. We will use our secret sauce to calculate your score outcome based on data collected automatically, while you play.

BestShot also integrates with the Health app and HealthKit in order to provide and analyse fitness and health information that is relevant to the tennis match being monitored. Health and fitness data is put in context with the tennis data so it can provide valuable analytics for improving your game and strategy.

Your data and an advanced analytics dashboard are available on the companion iPhone app or on the web, at

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