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Best Tennis Score

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Best Tennis Score

Designed from the ground up for Apple Watch™, Best Tennis Score is your portable umpire.

Best Tennis Score is the easiest way to keep track of your tennis score, allowing you to focus on your game, especially after those long rallies. Ideal for beginners learning to score and more serious players alike. With big, hard to miss buttons we think Best Tennis Score will make scoring a breeze.

Designed to be used on Apple Watch™, you just need to ensure your iPhone® is within Bluetooth range (on the court).

If you are a beginner, Best Tennis Score will help you as you learn the scoring of the game by doing it for you. It will help you avoid any unnecessary disputes with unscrupulous opponents.

If you have any issues or to leave feedback, please email and we'll do our utmost to solve any problems.

We will be adding more features in coming months, especially once Watch OS 3 is released in the autumn.
Please do let us know which ones you would find most useful and we'll try and add them in for you.