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Bentayga TSR

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Bentayga TSR

Bentayga Touch Screen Remote
By Bentley Motors Limited

Welcome to the Touch Screen Remote App for the Bentley Bentayga.

Bentayga is leading the way in technological advances at Bentley. Our aim is to let you feel the effects of powerful technology, not be overwhelmed by it. Each piece of technology has been seamlessly integrated into the vehicle to offer intelligent functionality. The subtle application of this extraordinary technology means you hardly notice it until you need it.

The intelligent functionality makes every journey more comfortable and satisfying, whether you’re in the driving seat or relaxing as a passenger.

Those seated in the back can now control this functionality. Bentayga has, for the rear seat, a handheld Touch Screen Remote (TSR). This highly interactive TSR gives you control of key features in the car, including
- Climate control
- Infotainment
- Vehicle information
- Rear seat heating, ventilation and massage (where fitted)
- Front passenger seat movement
Bentley Motors Ltd