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Find YOUR perfect workout routine with the beFitness App. We help provide you with the right information for your specific fitness journey. Working with top fitness professionals, we've created the best app to help you visualize, track, and inform. With integration into Apple Health, we use your Heart Rate data to power some of our metrics in the app.

We began with the Flame. The color of the flame indicates how hard you are actively working out. When the Flame is green, it's like you're not working very hard. When it's blue you're working out somewhat hard, and when it's red, you're at your peak. The colors encourage you to work harder during every movement, getting the most out of your workout and achieving your goals quicker.

* Track Your Workouts.
* Watch Videos That Demonstrate The Exercise While You Workout.
* Over 100+ Exercises.

If you found an issue, have comments, or questions contact us at or tweet us at @benefic_team.
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