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Beergarden Guide

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Beergarden Guide

*** PLEAE NOTE ***
This app has a strong focus on the home of Beergardens - Bavaria in Germany. Feel free to add beergardens in your country, or simply use it to find the closest Beergarden while you visit Germany. An internet connection is required.

Ever wanted to find the next beergarden? This app shows you beergardens around you. If one is missing, add it with just a few clicks and help us to build the best beergarden dictionary ever. It pick up the ultimate Bavarian tradition in a really beautiful and usable way.

More than 850 beergardens are already in our database, growing constantly.

* Show beergardens on map
* See details with address, phone, rating etc.
* Rate the beergarden
* Closest beergarden
* Add missing beergardens quickly
* Report issues with wrong beergardens
* Apple Watch support!
* Octoberfest 2017 tents and beer prices
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