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Beepiz is the smartphone’s app which protects you.

If you do not have a licence, you can get the free version of Beepiz (totally free)

The aim

More than a simple Lone worker protection, Beepiz guarantees a fast intervention of first aid services in all kinds of situations. Save time, save lives!

How does it work ?

With 3 automatic detection modes (fall, extended lack of movement, loss of verticality) and 2 manual modes (SOS and attack) in case of a danger, be sure to be able to alert the emergency services.
Once the danger is confirmed, Beepiz sends an enriched alert which includes all the important elements to a fast and efficient intervention of the emergency services ( exact location, kind of alert, video, date…)
The alerts can be sent by email, text, or directly on the Beepiz portal to permit to be informed as soon as possible and to assist as fast as possible the person who sent the alert. The company can decide to manage the alerts on its own, or can decide to externalize the process through a telemonitoring company.

The free version

The free version offers 3 automatic detection modes and a SOS button. In case of an alert, your smartphone sends a text message to the contact number of your choice.

Key points
The sensitivity of the automatic detections are configurable to adapt them to the different types of work and working conditions.
The inhibition of the alerts (loss of verticality, immobility, fall) are allowed for a defined time to limit the inopportune alerts in case of a static work, or when the worker needs to lay down, or sit down.
The SOS alert button works on all kinds of smartphones, accessible at any time while the monitoring is on, and also when the screen is locked down.
This app also protects your workers working from home.

Discover more functionalities
Indoor location, outdoor geolocation, enriched alert, identification of the user, ATEX standards/directive, lone worker information, customer portal, patrol, risk zone management, lone worker, remote work, protection at home.

How Beepiz manages the alerts ?

Beepiz is different from other lone workers apps thanks to its algorithm, its capacity to locate indoor, and the quality of its enriched alert, but it is also thanks to its live events that Beepiz has been able to innovate in the lone worker protection’s world.

It is a functionality especially developed to make the enriched alert more efficient when emergency
services need to intervene. This option, directly integrated to the alert, permits links between different alert receivers, to offer better monitoring. In this way, thanks to a link to the live chat included in the enriched alert, the alert receivers can communicate with, and decide on the process to adopt. It is possible to send pre-established messages to make the communication more fluid or to communicate freely.
At the same time, the lone worker who is injured can follow the communication on his Beepiz app and stay informed of the alert treatment.

New functionalities every 4 months

Thanks to regular innovation, Beepiz offers you every 4 months new functionalities. They can be varied, from a design modification on the app, to a new functionality on the web portal.

Beepiz also integrates HealthKit from Apple to permit the reading of the user health rhythm of the Beepiz app thanks to the Apple Watch.

Contact us

Phone number : +33 9 72 10 30 30
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