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Making proper use of breathing exercises has surprising benefits for our health and makes our days even better. A breathing session can reduce stress and anxiety, free your mind from bad thoughts, make us more productive in work or study and much more. It would be a good habit to do this several times during the day, every day.

That's why Becalm was born, a simple app with a modern and attractive interface that helps you relax with breathing. The most natural method there is.

With Becalm you can perform three types of exercises:

• Classic: with this exercise you will perform a classic breathing session (to reduce stress and anxiety, for example)

• Panic attack: with this exercise you can calm your panic attack with a simple breathing technique

• Focus: if you need to concentrate to be more productive at work or while studying

Each exercise is accompanied by an animation that makes your breathing session even more relaxing.

From the Profile section, you can also set a goal to be reached every day, you can consult how many exercises you have done and you can set notifications that remind you when to perform an exercise.

Becalm is also available on Apple Watch, so you can perform a breathing session in complete mobility directly from your wrist.
Filippo Zanfini