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Beast Master

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Beast Master

The program contains a list of several animals resp. vermins who can be dispelled with high frequency tones. That animals react positively(attract) on high tones or negatively(banish), has been approved by scientists with experiments. Hence there are many devices created which send out high frequency tones. In individual cases it may work not or not 100%. It depends on the individual animals. A tropical Mosquitoe reacts different from european ones. There are many animals with corresponding frequencies contained.

- Support now an Apple Watch App (included)

Animals/Vermins: ants, moles, mosquitoes, fleas, spiders,
midges, flies, mice, rats, doves, seagulls, martens, cockroaches, racoons, dogs, cats.

- Select an entry out of the list(Animal), just by clicking on it
- The appropriate tones is played immediately
- Adjust the volume as low as possible
- The volume control fades out automatically
- A repeated click on the entry (or Stop, below left) stops playing
- Playback until you press stop - You can connect a speaker, headphones (please do not put on) or a hi-fi system.

Use this program wisely. Do not play the sounds nearby children, your own pets(birds, dogs, cats). You can use Headphones but please do not put them on, but rather put them besides the device. Adjust the volume low. Use a power adaptor (on longer use), because the screen can not be switched off without stopping the playback.

At 400 Hz (Ants, Moles, burrowing animals...) lay down the device or the speaker on the bottom so that the sound waves can enter the ground.

The author of this program assumes no liability for: improper use, on hearing damage, damage to other humans or pets, damage to the device or connected devices, on claims for compensation or other damages caused by the program. Some Animal species are protected - use it not in such case.

- iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch with OS 8.0 or higher
Kai Bruchmann