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TRACK your Family and friends real-time locations. Be-Safe is the most easiest, quickest and powerful tracking & emergency alert App. Using the latest location and GPS service tracking technology, Be-Safe allows you to select emergency contacts, assign permissions to your favorites for tracking.

What's exciting in there for you?
• Get an alert when your family needs help or is safe with their current locations
• Track family & friend real time locations on a private Map
• Track one-on-one favorites who allow you permission
• Get alert when a favorites assign you a tracking permission, turn on or off track
Tracking is FREE, now you and your loved ones safety is in your hands.

Use I'm Tracking for locating your family/friends
Your family member is traveling late night? OR Your friend is coming to your place? Ask them to assign you a tracking permission by selecting you in their My Favorites and Be-Safe will allow you track their real time location and will tell you when they turn on/off their Track Me.

Use Be-Safe for Family and Friends Safety
Be-Safe can play an influential part in any minor or major emergency situation. GPS / Location service can locate your current location and send emergency alert message to your selected emergency contacts when you need help or when you are safe. You may select your father, mother, siblings, spouse or as per your choice your emergency contacts.

In the situation of an emergency, Be-Safe app has a built-in feature of Activate Alert. This feature will automatically send notification and your current location (GPS tracking coordinates) to everyone who are selected as your emergency contacts.
Be-Safe will send emergency alert messages after every set interval of time till you De-Activate your alert. You can set emergency frequency interval in your settings.

What's more?
• Upload your cool avatar - Your family and friends will love to see your cool picture.
• Set your name - Will improve your visibility among your favorites.
• Write your appealing status - Your favorites will love to see your updated status.
• View your last 10 tracking history record - Track your own tracking.
• Invite your friends and track them - Be-Safe is more useful and fun when you have your friends and family in your favorites.
• Turn help on and off - We love to help users you can read help by tapping icon given at right top side of screen.
• Send feedback - Your feedback is valuable is us, please take out your minute and help us make Be-Safe better for you.
We respect your privacy and safety, any of your data is secure and will be used by you only in app.
If you face any issue – shoot us an email at [email protected] with the details. We would love to assist you!

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.