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It’s all about awareness. Not only to be aware of ourselves, but also to be aware of life surrounding us.

In this new version we implemented meditation feature with more than 5000 free guided meditations, music and sounds for meditation. But it’s really free. You don’t have to subscribe to reach this content. Here are the categories of meditations:

Guided meditations: (Spoken)

Start a day
Reduce Anxiety & Stress
Body scan
Loving kindness

Music and sounds for meditation:

Nature Sounds
Frequency Healing
Singing Bowls
Chakra Music
Sufi Flute

be&one integrates with the Apple Health App to save your time at be&one as Mindful minutes. So, if you allow to connect be&one to Apple Health your time will be showed as Mindful minutes at Apple Health App while you are meditating, reflecting by writing your journals or enjoying happenings.

You can continue enjoying your structured journals with its new simple design by writing your wishes, to-do, learnings and what makes you grateful today in a simplest way.

And for sure, our famous happenings are still with us. Explore redesigned happenings consist of nature events, astro events, international days, holy days, festivals and independence days with the new features added

We wish you happy and healthy days…
Kekik Teknoloji