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by baybay
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by baybay
baybay is the smart companion for pregnant women and parents of children. baybay is a development diary, a health dossier and an electronic passport for the mother in an App. Moreover, baybay offers advice and helps organise the everyday life with your child. baybay was developed in collaboration with specialists.

Functions overview

Pregnancy / Passport for the mother
– Pregnancy calculator: exciting videos and information on the development inside the womb
– My weight: the weight gain during pregnancy is represented clearly
– Examination during pregnancy: the height and weight of the unborn child are registered, album for ultrasounds
– Ferritin und folic acid: indications of blood values and intake of preparations
– Birth: send electronic birth announcements, register medical information on the birth

– Weight curve, length curve and BMI: compare the growth of your child with the WHO mean
– Food diary: the practical tool for quietness and the bottle, tranquillity timer also for Apple Watch
– Milestone: register important events and developmental stages
– Video and photo gallery
– Child dictionary: with sound registration function

– illnesses: overview of the already had illnesses
– Vaccination: overview of all the recommended vaccinations with personal reminder of appointments and status of the vaccination
– Doctor appointments: register all the information on past and future appointments, questions to the doctor
– Medicine: reminder of the intake, overview of all the medicine taken
– Pollen diary: recognised through the documentation of examples of allergic disorders
– List of contacts «My doctors»

baybay is available as App for iPhone, iPad and on as web application for computer. With a baybay account all his/ her data is always synchronised on all the devices. You can use all those functions freely without registration and without time constraints.

baybay is a Swiss company. The data is only saved in Switzerland. The data in the App and the data transfer are codified.