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Bauer Smart Lock

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Bauer Smart Lock

Bauer Keyless with Bluetooth Technology from Bauer Products

Bauer Keyless is a free app that enables users to easily control any Bluetooth enabled Bauer lock from their smartphone.

Users may pair with multiple locks and control them simultaneously.

Proximity mode allows the user to unlock the lock without entering a code when their phone is nearby. This may be enabled or disabled in settings. The distance at which this mode becomes active is selectable by the user in the locks settings. Note: The actual activation distance may not be consistent for all phones. When the phone is in range and the mode is active, the lock will display a pulsing green border.

There are 3 different power modes available in the lock settings.
1) Normal mode is used during every-day operation.
2) Low power mode may be enabled to conserve battery life at the expense of some extra latency.
3) Enable storage mode when the lock will not be in use for a long period of time. While storage mode is enabled, the user will be unable to lock/unlock the lock until a different power mode has been selected.
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