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Battery Watcher Pro

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Battery Watcher Pro

Battery Watcher lets you to quickly check your iPhone battery life and state from your Apple Watch just by raising your wrist.

Add Battery Watcher's complication to your favourite watch face so you can quickly see your iPhone battery life. It also shows you if your iPhone is in low power mode (orange) or battery is running low (red).

Notifications on the watch
Battery Watcher will notify you when your iPhone battery is running low or is fully charged, even in another room. You can even set the threshold for low battery when Battery Watch should notify you. You can also receive notifications on the phone alerting you when Apple Watch battery is running low or is fully charged.

Custom notifications
Battery Watcher allows you to set custom notifications for every possible battery state you can think of.


Battery Watcher automatically checks your iPhone battery life once every 30 minutes and will only send you notification when your iPhone is full or running low on battery.

Note: For notifications to work properly, you must have Background App Refresh enabled for Battery Watcher (Watch App on your iPhone -> General -> Background App Refresh) and make sure that notifications are also enabled (on your iPhone Settings -> Notifications -> Battery Watcher).

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