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Battery Mate

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Battery Mate

This app does one thing and one thing only: tell you what percent of your phone's battery is left. You can also check if your phone is dying or charging from your new Apple Watch.

Please send bugs and feedback to [email protected]


- Minimalist design that matches iOS 8
- See what percent is left on your battery
- Get estimates on how much time you have left on standby, music playback, watching, video, talking on the phone, and using the internet *

Apple Watch Glance
- Check your phone's battery level without having to take your phone out of your pocket or bag! See if your phone is done charging even if it's across the room
- Know if you're phone is currently charging or not; great if you have a portable battery and want to know if it got disconnected accidentally

Apple Watch App
- Get estimates on how much longer the battery will last *

* Estimates are based on Apple's battery claims and actual times may vary
Albert Lai