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Barry's Workout Companion® App

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Barry's Workout Companion® App

Track your heart rate, zones, calories, points, and more - all in real time on your Apple Watch.

Whether you’re in a Barry’s studio or working out at home, Barry’s Bootcamp Workout Companion will give you killer insight into how hard your body is working.

Achieve your daily point goal to maximize your training and burn calories more effectively. Seeing your stats in real-time on your watch provides great mid-workout motivation.

Each Zone is associated with a color & there are 5 zones total.

“Feel the buzz” - every time you earn a point the watch will buzz with haptic feedback.

See your stats in real-time on your Watch
Track your daily & weekly goals
Receive email summaries after each workout

We value your privacy and never share or sell any data.

We read your biometrics from Apple Health for personalization
We save your workout data to Apple Health
All workouts count towards your Apple Activity rings

This app requires a connected Apple Watch to function properly.
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