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Barometer / Altimeter

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Barometer / Altimeter

Barometer / Altimeter is an app allows you to measure easily the barometric pressure and altitude (absolute and relative) using the barometric pressure sensor and motion sensor in your device with a simple and cool UI.

# Features
- Barometer
- Barometric Pressure (unit: hectopascal [hPa], kilopascal [kPa], millibar [mBar], pound per square inch [psi])
- Transition graph
- Altimeter
- Altitude (unit: meter [m], feet [ft])
- Absolute altitude: Height above the sea level by barometric pressure sensor and motion sensor
- Relative altitude: Height variation from the start on a measurement by barometric pressure sensor. If you want to refresh, please try to Pull to Refresh.
- Location
- Locality: Location name
- GPS Altitude: Height above the sea level by GPS
- Floor Level: The floor of a building on which the user's device is located

# Works in offline
You can use Barometer / Altimeter app safely even in areas where network communication is not available.

# Supports absolute altitude for iOS 15
This app supports an absolute altitude measurement, a new feature from iOS 15 by barometric pressure sensor and motion sensor.
You can confirm the absolute altitude if your device can measure it.

# Supports GPS altitude
It also supports the measurement of GPS altitude.
In addition to the barometric pressure sensor, this app also supports GPS altitude measurement.
You can measure the altitude from the sea level even on devices that do not support absolute altitude measurement in iOS 15.
(Please note that the accuracy may be low depending on the location.)

# Supports for measurement in the background
Measurements can continue even while the app is suspended.
You will need to authorize the use of location information to get this feature.
If the use of location information is enabled, battery consumption may increase.
If you do not wish to use background acquisition, please terminate the app process.

# Supports Dark mode
As default, the appearance changes automatically by system settings.
You can also change the appearance you prefer on settings.

# Supports for Apple Watch
This app supports watchOS too.
You are available to use your watch as the barometer and altimeter.

# Please Review and Rating
If you have any questions or requests, please contact us from the support URL.
Wataru Namiki