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Barometer / Altimeter

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Barometer / Altimeter

Barometer / Altimeter is an app allows you to measure easily the barometric pressure and altitude (absolute and relative) using the barometric pressure sensor and motion sensor in your device with a simple and cool UI.

# Features
- Barometer
- Barometric Pressure (unit: hectopascal [hPa], kilopascal [kPa], millibar [mBar], pound per square inch [psi])
- Transition graph
- Altimeter
- Altitude (unit: meter [m], feet [ft])
- Absolute altitude: Height above the sea level
- Relative altitude: Height variation from the start on a measurement

# Works in offline
You can use Barometer / Altimeter app safely even in areas where network communication is not available.

# Supports absolute altitude for iOS 15
This app supports an absolute altitude measurement, a new feature from iOS 15.
You can confirm the absolute altitude if your device can measure it.

# Supports Dark mode
As default, the appearance changes automatically by system settings.
You can also change the appearance you prefer on settings.

# Supports for Apple Watch
This app supports watchOS too.
You are available to use your watch as the barometer and altimeter.

# Please Review and Rating
If you have any questions or requests, please contact us from the support URL.
Wataru Namiki