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Barely Fit

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Barely Fit

Introducing Barely Fit - the ultimate, game-changing wellness app that will transform the way you think about fitness and sleep! This revolutionary app is designed to be your personal health coach, guiding you towards optimal fitness and sleep goals, and helping you achieve a level of health and wellness that you never thought possible.

With Barely Fit (along with Apple Watch), you'll have access to the most advanced fitness tracking technology on the market, providing you with recommended ranges for activity and even includes workout capabilities to help you reach your fitness goals in record time. The App (using Apple Watch's sleep tracker), allows you to monitor your bedtime and wake-up time with precision, track your Sleep Debt and Sleep Stages with ease, and provides tips and strategies on how to avoid and reduce sleep debt. In addition, our app also displays vital information such as Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Resting Heart Rate (RHR), and Respiratory Rate, helping you stay on top of your health.

Barely Fit also includes hydration and mindful breathing nudges to keep you hydrated and focused (and Stress Free) throughout the day. Also includes Activity alerts according to sunrise and sunset times to help you live in harmony with your natural circadian rhythm like a true master of wellness.

It's like having a personal trainer, nutritionist, and sleep coach all rolled into one.

The app also includes activity and sleep reports for the last 40 days, giving you a comprehensive overview of your progress and allowing you to track your progress over time. The app's AI-based recommendations and commentary on your daily progress, as well as 7 Day, 21 Day, and 40 Day streaks, provide valuable insights and help you stay on track like a champion.

The lock screen and Apple Watch widgets for activity progress, water tracking, and breathe minutes allow you to stay on top of your goals without even opening the app, making it the most convenient and user-friendly app on the market.

Includes an Apple Watch App that syncs seamlessly with your iPhone, allowing you to track your progress on the go, wherever you are.

Take control of your fitness and sleep goals like never before with Barely Fit. With its advanced features, AI-based recommendations, and personalized insights, this app will help you live a healthier and happier life like never before.

Download Barely Fit today and experience the ultimate, game-changing wellness app that will take your health and wellness to the next level.
Ibrahim Sait