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Barcode Check

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Barcode Check

Barcodes will help you to create safe and efficient business processes and require worldwide valid standards. A very important point is to unify coding of data into barcodes.
The GS1 organization has chosen Code 128 and Datamatrix as base barcode symbology. With currently 156 identifiers (01-2019) all important data could be encoded for example: product identification, lot number, dates, weights, etc.
Barcode-Check validates if the information in the barcode correspond with the GS1 specifications and help you with other important information's about the application identifier...

It has never been easier and cheaper to validate your
barcodes on conformity!
For further details, screenshots and a video check:

The main functions...

>>> The identifier list shows all valid and important identifier information, specifications and restrictions.

>>> Our print function does not print or create barcodes, but provides info's for a professional solution to print compliant labels.

>>> With our normal barcode scanner you could read barcode types without data validation. Content and type of barcode is shown as result.

>>> The GS1-128 scanner allows to scan and perform data validation on standard GS1-128 barcodes together with email reporting.

>>> Our GS1 Datamatrix scanner is made to scan and validate 2D GS1 Datamatrix barcodes. You'll find email reporting and detailed information's as result.

>>> Now with support for Apple Watch to get all Identifier at your wrist.
Believe our daily testing experience: once you have
used this great and professional tool, you won't miss it during business...
Stefan Arnhold