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Bamboo Calculator

by 煦 张
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Bamboo Calculator

by 煦 张
When calculate with a standard calculator, have you ever forget the previous step? Have you ever remember whether you miss a step? Yes, we need an calculator with every step, just like printing calculator.

Although this calculator only has basic arithmetic operations, but it can meet most of our needs, such as checking accounts, calculating a shopping list, digital subtraction accumulate.

The biggest advantage of this calculator is the ability to record every step of the operation, and you can choose any step then modify it, recalculate, without re-enter it.

Features and Benefits:
- Simple, rapid, accurate;
- View every step of the operations, make sure it's right;
- Free to modify each step, recalculate the results;
- Add comments;
- View recent history, and edit any history;
- Mailing your calculation;
- Print your calculations list;
- According to personal habits set a different layout or color;

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煦 张