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Do you like to be outdoors and record your performance? Want to track your rides with a focus on your elevation profile? With Baloc, you're the only one keeping track of your elevation profile, because privacy is important to us.

Baloc uses a combination of different sensors on your device to accurately determine your altitude. The resulting data allows for more accurate positioning, even in case of temporarily missing or bad GPS signal.

We have deliberately decided against any form of analysis or transmission of your usage or location data. By default, your data is stored exclusively on your device. At your request, you can share the recordings with all your devices via your personal iCloud or use the iCloud as a backup. Thus, we do not make money by selling user data. Therefore, to enable the further development of Baloc, we offer an in-app purchase.

Precise tracking takes place even when you switch apps and Baloc works in the background. This way you can record your activity while using another app for navigation or special maps.

You can share the recorded data directly with other apps or send it to friends (as long as they support .gpx import). Of course, the file export also allows further analysis and data processing of your measurements outside of iOS. For the data export, you have the option to choose between the optimized elevation profile and the pure GPS data.

If you own an Apple Watch, you can start and stop the measurement directly from your Watch. You also get some statistics of your current activity at a glance. We are happy if you use Baloc regularly. Therefore, to quickly start Baloc on your Watch, you can add a shortcut to Baloc directly on your watch face.

Baloc allows you to share your measurements with Apple Health / Apple Fitness. For this feature Baloc needs to interact with Apple Health. We tried to reduce the amount of data to be read to the minimum. The data we receive from Apple Health is evaluated on your device, integrated into your training dataset and directly deleted from Baloc afterwards. If you don't feel comfortable enabeling this feature, Baloc fully works without.

Baloc automatically displays all of your photos taken during your activities and locates them on the map. The best way the remember great trips or to come back to your favourite spots. Baloc also considers geotagged photos that have been taken with your camera and imported into Apple Photos.

A barometric sensor is required for barometric measurements. The latest Apple devices have such a sensor. Position and altitude data based on the GPS signal are recorded in any case.

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