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Ball Trainer

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Ball Trainer

At the core of the application is the idea of ​​recording workouts, which is done using 2 methods of saving the results. The automatic recording system gives you the opportunity to train with the minimum number of additional manipulations - after hitting you need to make one movement. The manual system in turn gives the maximum measurement accuracy while the number of movements does not increase.

Intelligent statistics collection system displays your sporting achievements, as well as a list of all your workouts with the ability to filter on 5 types of training information.

Our designer has put his individual idea into each of the 24 shades of beauty, which we in our company call 12 periods of freedom for the user to choose their personal shade of fate. You can choose any of the 12 themes and thereby emphasize your personal style using our application.

Our unique app for Apple Watch will help you not to miss a single stage of your personal workouts.

Your personal workouts will be divided according to your desire into 3 categories - mid range, three pointers and free throws. For each type of workout, statistics will be divided. During your workout, you can easily follow the progress of your results both on the Apple Watch and on the iPhone. On mobile device during training you will be available to see information about both your recent workouts and advanced analytics of your current workout.

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