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Badminton Scorecard

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Badminton Scorecard

Scorecard is the electronic version of the paper based score card of your local badminton league. It is beautifully designed to separate the home and away game scores and match entries with 2 separate columns. The top half clearly shows the home and away total scores in thick fonts whilst on the footer shows the pairs of players playing for that side of the match. Touch a game entry row and the relevant pair of players will re-order itself to show who’s playing with who and against. Touch a player in a pair, and the game entries will mark and re-order itself to show which games the players is playing.

Since most leagues have already built their existing website and club databases, a feature was built to allow the league’s existing clubs and team player structures to be imported into the app. This makes it easier to separate the management of league structures from the app data. All data input including card data are stored locally on the device until the user uses the share function to submit a card using Dropbox, Mail or other compatible sharing app. After sharing a card to other iOS recipient, the recipient can import the card using the “Open in Scorecard/ Copy to Scorecard” button from the interacting app such as Dropbox or Mail. The recipient could also be an automated module from the existing website that awaits for cards which can be processed automatically, eliminating the data input from the paper based score card expediting processing of score cards in the league tables.

- It has three default card templates**: the open league, three discipline and round robin.
- Bundled with demonstration samples with 3 league structures complete with clubs and their locations, teams, players and 3 sample match cards.
- Import your league structure complete with team players and club structures from a JSON file.
- Select your home and away teams from the map.
- Drag & drop a registered player to assign their position in a match entry.
- Player registration for a team or as a reserved player playing for any team in a club.
- Tap a row to find out who's playing who and with whom on each game entry.
- Tap a player to change the sort order and show what games that player is playing
- Tap a player gain to sort using the normal index number.
- Record incidents such as walkover, disqualification and retirement.
- Round robin card type transforms from tabular form into a 3x3 matrix.
- Manage multiple score cards stored locally on device.
- Card approval using touch ID if available.
- When approved, share via Mail, Messages, Dropbox, Evernote etc!
- Read other Match cards shared by other people.
- Customise your team’s background colours.
- All yours for free!
** If you need a more specialised templates, send me an email at [email protected] to discuss.

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