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Badminton Scoreboard

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Badminton Scoreboard

Badminton scoreboard for double matches.

Don't try to remember positions and scores, just use this scoreboard for double matches. Include single matches.

- Positions and courts are changed automatically according to match rules and displayed on window.
- Setting game point or deuce point is available.
- The score is increased when tapped. (It is canceled when tapping Undo.)
- Player names can be changed. The list of players can be edited.
- Vibrate mode is supported for tapping increase or undo. If you want, You can set this mode off.

I’m just an amateur badminton player, and making app is one of my hobbies.
Playing badminton, many players often forget their positions or scores, bringing about arguments in the long run. That’s why I've decided to make this badminton score board app.
If you have experiences like this, why don’t you try this app?

I'd like to particularly extend my gratitude to Mr LEE, a member of the badminton club, who makes trouble with scores and positions every match.
Inki Yoo