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Bac allows you to estimate your blood alcohol content (BAC), based on details obtained from the Health app (including height, age, sex and weight) and the drinks you enter into the app as you consume them.

This app allows you to use your iPhone or Apple Watch to log drinks and view your estimated BAC and time until sober (viewable directly from your watch face!). Time travel is supported, so you can use the digital crown on your watch to estimate what your BAC will be in the future (next hour, few hours etc).

The following features are supported:

* Configure a BAC limit, which is used for alerting purposes
* Log drinks consumed now (or in the last 2 hours) from your iPhone or watch
* View your estimated BAC and time until sober
* Show your current BAC on your watch face and use the digital crown to calculate what your BAC will be in the next hour, few hours etc
* Add drinks directly from your watch face (when using the complication)
* Receive an alert when you are over the limit and when you fall under the limit
* Save your BAC to the health app for long term tracking
* Select from a list of preconfigured drink strengths (ABV) or add your own custom strength

Please note: This app is intended to provide an estimated BAC for information and entertainment purposes only. No guarantee is provided for the accuracy of the calculation. We accept no responsibility or liability for the information provided.
Nathan Piper