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BAC Calculator

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BAC Calculator

So you're going out tonight? Or maybe you're taking it easy and having a few friends over? Either way, you should probably be paying closer attention to how much alcohol you drink.

BAC Calculator gives you a quick calculation of your approximate BAC level as well as a countdown timer to Soberville. (ATTENTION: Soberville is not a real place or state of being. The 'Countdown to Sober' is merely an estimate of when your BAC will reach 0.00. We have to say this for the same reason coffee cups have to warn you that the coffee inside may be VERY HOT!)

You can also take care of business on your Apple Watch and view your BAC level in the complication on your watch face.

The Apple Watch app can be run separately from the iPhone app. This means they do not share data! could measure your BAC on your Apple Watch and let your friend measure theirs on your phone. But after your friend falls in love with the app we'd appreciate it if you ask him to buy it. Thank you.

To add or remove a drink on the Apple Watch, simply give the screen a hard tap to access the buttons you need.

And as we mention in all of our app descriptions we LOVE your feedback. We enjoy incorporating ideas from our customers. Thank you for buying BAC Calculator.

Disclaimer: (Annoying part to protect us in case someone decides to be stupid)

Although BAC Quick Calculator uses a recognized system for measuring BAC levels, the values shown are influenced by many factors. BAC Calculator and Seaton 63 Design therefore accepts no responsibility or liability for the accuracy or completeness of the information provided.

Phew....Now we're safe to have fun and let you download the app. Enjoy!
Seaton 63 Design LLC