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BabyThyme helps sleep-deprived parents respond, rather than react, to your baby's needs.

Have you ever missed your baby's sleep cues until he is overtired & screaming? Have trouble remembering which side was first in your last nursing session? Warmed up a bottle in a panic? BabyThyme makes it convenient for you to record your baby's activities and schedule the next events.

For example, say you have a baby girl who is 4-months old who needs a nap every 2 hours. If she wakes up at 9am, BabyThyme can automatically schedule the next nap at 11am and set a reminder at 10:30am, at which time you can start to watch for signs of tiredness (e.g. yawning, rubbing eyes or ears).

Respond versus react.

- Logging and scheduling for sleeping, nursing, bottle feeding, and diaper changing
- Apple Watch support
- iCloud sync and backup
- Visual activity calendar
- Daily and weekly statistics
- One-week-at-a-glance in landscape mode
- Night Mode
Tanming Fong