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An app dedicate to all the parents.
You can record the living habit of your baby everyday, the record of nursing, feeding and sleeping will be shown clearly in the timeline.
We will also provide the baby’s analyze reports, so that you can have a thorough review and make a better arrangement.

The features includes:
-Nursing, feeding, pump milk, sleeping and diaper, bath, play record...
-Timeline view
-Show & Analyze your baby’s living habit
-Growth graph includes weight, height, head size and BMI, compared with the WHO child growth standard
-Temperature monitoring
-Medication administration record
-Manage the storaged breastmilk
-Breasts engorged alert
-Synchronize data with other devices

Function Declaration:
-Breast Feeding: Record the nursing and bottle feeding simultaneously, set the breast engorged interval and we will inform you based on the nursing and pumping record.
-Feed: Select from milk powder, pump milk, fruit smoothie, meat, vegetable and cereal, and record the time of feeding.
-Pump Milk: Record while pumping, calculate the breast engorged time along with breast feeding time and the interval you set. After the pumping finished, choose the way you keep the milk and manage all the storage in individual page.
-Sleep: Record the baby’s sleeping and see the sleeping habit in the summary chart.
-Diaper: Record the pee-pee and poo-poo time.
-Growth Diary: You can record the baby daily growth with wonderful photo
-Growth Graph: Record the weight, height and head size of your baby and compare it with the WHO child growth standard
-Temperature monitoring: Record the baby's body temperature and see the trends and daily average, maximum & minimum temperature.
-Medication administration record: Create medication, management dose & medication time, and record the medication record.
-Milk Storage: Manage the pump milk and set the way you keep it, whether you store it at room temperature or refrigerator or freezer, the app will calculate the best before date. And when you use it, just choose from the milk storage page.
XiaoGuang Niu