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Baby songs 2

by Bipfun
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Baby songs 2

by Bipfun
Baby Songs 2 is your ultimate baby bedtime companion! Let your baby enjoy a full night's sleep with this magical app that will automatically play soothing lullabies & melodies as soon as it detects ambient sounds and slowly fade out until your baby falls sound asleep.
Arabic language supported.
How does it work?

By activating the Sound Sensor, as soon as your baby cries, yells or gets upset, the app will detect the ambient sounds and immediately start playing the lullabies of your choice. The playback will slowly fade out until no more sound is detected and baby is back to sleep.

Featuring a continuously updated library of soothing melodies and traditional lullabies, the app allows you to choose from a wide variety of different tracks to accompany your baby to sleep.

If you just can't find what you're looking or want to customize your Baby Songs experience even more, tap on the Custom tab to create a recording of your own or import music directly from your iPhone/iPad's library.

The possibilities are endless! Create your very own lullaby or record a message with your own voice to soothe your baby while you're away.

Have a good night’s sleep :-)

You can also enjoy 14 bright night lights that diffuse soft, comforting lights to help your baby fall asleep.

Choose from panda, chick, sheep and many other cute little animals.

Its lights game, its rotation motion, and variable light intensity are ideal for calming the fears of dark of your kids and will help them fall asleep peacefully.

Caution: Please remember to turn your iPhone on Airplane Mode to prevent it from ringing and emitting waves. It is not recommended to leave your iPhone or iPad in your baby's bed at night, it is safer to put it on a table nearby.