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Baby Relax

by Bipfun
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Baby Relax

by Bipfun
Baby Relax is the best application to help you put your newborn to sleep.

According to a study published in 2002, white noise, low-broadcast could be an "alternative non-pharmacological"; simple, safe and preferable to many sedative hypnotic drugs used for insomnia or stress effects.

It has been shown that the diffusion of white noise in the room can steer or facilitate sleep for the newborn as well as for adults, probably by reducing the signal / noise ratio of ambient sound (which may remind to the newborn of intrauterine environment).
87% of newborns experimentally exposed to white noise fell asleep within five minutes, against 25% .
Baby relax uses a unique combination of light, white noise, nature sounds and videos to soothe and put baby asleep smoothly.


SLEEP MODE: to fall asleep peacefully
- Twilight simulation
- Progressive dimming of light and sound
- Timer
- Many white noise and natural sounds

RELAX MODE: to relax twittering
- Many soothing video moods
- Progressive dimming of the atmosphere
- Timer

Warning: This application is intended solely for personal use and should be used primarily for entertaining and relaxing. In any case, this application should be used for substitute to medical treatment.