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Baby Patterns

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Baby Patterns

Keep track of your baby's feedings!

We all want to make sure our babies are eating often enough and getting as much food as they need — So keeping track of your baby's feedings is important!

Let's face it, we have a million-and-one things to keep track of and your baby's feedings are sometimes hard to recall.

Manually writing down your baby's feedings is a great first step, but this can quickly get out of hand when trying to track down where you last wrote feeding information, needing to calculate information like average length of nursings or how much pumped supply you have, and even simply remembering to do write it down.

You already have your phone or watch on you, so let that do the work!

The Baby Patterns tracking app has been designed from the ground up to be convenient and easy to use — so let us help you in this joyous time <3.

► Easily track nursings, pumpings, and bottle feedings on your phone or watch.
► History graph with different time range filters to learn insights — For example: average nursing time and pumping supply amount.
► Support for both iPhone and Apple Watch.
► Privacy matters — your data is protected behind a secure account that you create!

This app came from a passion to create an easier, more enjoyable, way to track your baby's feedings. We are committed to providing the best experience possible, so please don't hesitate to reach out with new ideas, improvements, thoughts, and fun anecdotes about your little ones!
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