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Baby Manager 2

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Baby Manager 2

"Feeding a baby is easy. Keeping track can be hard. No more."

**Apple Watch
From your wrist, track every meal of your baby

**Is it time ?
In one glance see how much your baby ate today, and how often you fed them.

**Baby Dashboard
One simple dashboard to see how much you baby is eating, how often and how it evolved on the last 7 days.
They grow up so fast

**Track meals
Whether you're breast-feeding or not, you just need to launch the timer whenever baby is eating.
Press stop at the end, if you're giving them formula enter the amount eaten to track how much your baby is gobling !

**Twins, triplets, or even day care !
Why limit to one baby when you can double the fun !
Keep track of as many babies as you need to !

**Quick access
Your baby needs you. Don't waste time looking at a screen !
On your Apple Watch, within a Glance, or on your phone within your Today View, you can see how long ago the last meal was.

** Diaper Challenge **
** World Exclusive here ! **
Time yourself and challenge anyone to change a diaper quicker than you!
Tweet of share on facebook your best times !

** Synch between devices **
Every one taking car of the baby can have its own device and access all meals and add one, for every one to see.
Bruno Soulez